Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Some random equivalent terms culled from a conference talk I interpreted

It has been a while since I have written up this blog.

I recently did some interpreting at a Christian conference, so I would like to share a number of words and phrases which were difficult to translate.

Here are some which you may find helpful.

  • I was frustrated with how I was praying. Я был недоволен тем, как я молился. 
  • Integrity. Характер. 
  • You mustn't simply assume certain truths. Эти истины не просто само собой разумеющиеся 
  • Legalism and licence. Законичество и вседозволенность
  • He was abused by his uncle. Он стал жертвой домогательсва от своего дяди OR его дядя домогался его. 
  • Discipline. Воспитание. 
  • To keep his promise. Сдержать свое слово. 
  • Reform. Обновить. 
  • There are three items in this list. В этом списке есть три позиции.
Also the difference between обозначает (designate) and означать (signify, mean). 
  • Это слово обозначает важнейшее ялвение. This word is used to describe a very important phenomenon. 
  • Это событие означает конец света. This event signifies the end of the world.