Thursday, April 6, 2017

Words for second-hand

Сзконд-хэнд (the эs can be replaced by an еs) in Russian is usually used to refer to clothes, in particular the shop where such clothes may be bought. Я купил майку в секонд-хэнде. 

Б/У (бвышего употрления). This can also be adjectivised to "бэушный". Я купил машину Б/У. 

Подержанный. This is an equivalent to 'used'. Мы долго думали, купить ли нам новую машину или подержанную.

Вторичное жилье is housing which has not been newly built.

Поношенная одежда has already been worn. For example, hand-me-down clothing worn by multiple siblings.