Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Russian phrases on the subject of 'delay'

Были задержки с доставкой = there were delays with delivery

Встреча переносится на вторник = the meeting has been rescheduled to Tuesday

Встреча откладывается на неизвестный срок = the meeting has been postponed indefinitely

Он не успел написать работу к сроку, поэтому дали ему отсрочку на две недели = He didn't finish his work on time, so he was given a two-week extension

Совещание затянулось и закончилось поздно вечером = the business meeting dragged on and finished late in the evening.

Компьютер тормозит и экран постоянно зависает = the computer is working slowly and the screen keeps freezing.

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