Monday, February 2, 2015

Greed, tapestries and exams

Some new words I have learnt or remembered in the last month or so:

подлости = acts of underhand mean-ness
алчный = greedy in an acquisitive way as opposed to...
жадный = greedy in a retentive way
жирный = greedy in a childish way, as in the children's rhyme: "жирный, жирный, поезд пассажирный"

I think I need some more positive words now...

пассатижи (also referred to as плоскогубцы) = pliers
гобелен = tapestry
Bayeux tapestry = Гобелен из Байё
Mortify vice and vivify virtue = умертвить пороки и оживить добродетели.

There is also an interesting use of "пойти" which I am noticing more and more which means something along the lines of "получиться". "Проповедь не пошла" means that the preacher got tied in knots and the audience didn't take to it.

An old favourite of mine is под + accusative, eg "он под меня подстроился" which means "He adapted to me" or "he fitted around my plans". It may be related to phrases where под refers to the use of a given object, eg банка под молоко means a jar used for storing milk.

There is apparently a new language, history and culture test in connection with immigration requirements. For those due to take the new test you will need to (за)зубрить материал (do a crash course in, cram the material) with a view to отбарабанить зазубренное (regurgitate what you have cram-learned).   

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